Homeowners Insurance

With Florida homeowner insurance rates skyrocketing in recent years, it can certainly pay to shop around as much as possible. As your insurance agent , we do the work for you and get you the best possible quote.

Don’t wait until you suffer a loss to find out that your homeowners coverage isn’t all it was supposed to be!

You need to know that your policy will cover exactly what you need, when you need it most. We will assist you with obtaining coverage with the most reputable companies, at the best possible rates. We are a knowledgeable and professional agency, and working for the needs of our clients, and protecting the interests of our clients, is our PRIORITY.


The following ‘SAMPLE’ quote is for a HO-3 policy (the most commonly written policy. The HO-3 policy is designed to cover all aspects of the home including structure, contents, any liability arising from daily use, and coverage in the event that a visitor encounters an accident or injury on the property). Always be sure to review your policy, and speak with your agent to determine exact coverage details.



Thank you for your interest. Based on your application, we are pleased to provide you with a quote for your consideration.