Commercial Auto


If you use your vehicle to engage in business, you may find that you are not covered in an accident under your personal auto insurance policy. If an accident happens, and you are not correctly covered for business use, you may also be charged with misrepresentation of insurance.

We are able to provide commercial auto insurance for all types of commercial vehicles, including company cars, fleet vehicles, sedans, SUV’s, pick-up trucks and large trucks, motor homes, and other vehicles used for commercial or business purposes.

Due to the specific needs of each company, you will need to speak with an Agent directly to obtain a quote for commercial auto insurance. We can find the right policy for your needs regardless of whether you are insuring one vehicle, or an entire fleet. When you call, please have basic information available about the type of vehicles, along with basic information of all drivers.

Our telephone number is: 239-403-7310. If you would like to come into the office to speak with an Agent, we are located at: 2800 Davis Boulevard, Suite #208, Naples, FL.